perfect continuous tense

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i need to revise my english grammar bc i skipped all my english classes in school… its my first language and i didnt need to go to class for a language i was already fluent in. now im paying. “present perfect continuous tense_” my ass.
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Mutlu günlerimiz resmen Past Perfect Continuous Tensete kalmış…
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💡Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz💡

1. Your friend will be angry since he ______ so long.
A. would have been waiting
B. will have been waiting

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5:Jo R Daan:
@subenglishfess_ Dua-duanya bisa dipakai di perfect continuous tense_, karena beda makna.
For itu selama (ada periode waktu).
Ive been watching the new series for 5 hours

Since itu sejak, (awal berlangsungnya).
Ive been watching the new series since 10 am
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joki tugas bahasa inggris: cek grammar+present perfect&continuous tense✅
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@vaporek @cacarot_carat @XTalosX11 @MisterTPokemon @Pokemon @ThePokeRaf “Stopt” is the simple past perfect continuous tense_. Represents a past action that is both ongoing and final
@AisySoffy @faridaffy Sebab dia cakap have, dia dah buat benda tu in the past and even dah buat pun, the consequences are still in effect today. So dia jadi, have + done. Did is past tense for do & done is the past participle. X remember this grammars name, either past continuous or present perfect.
9:Free English Test 🇬🇧:
💡Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz💡

How long ______ in France when her parents visit her?
A. will she have been studying
B. she will have been studying

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10:Jo R Daan:
@englishfess_ Passive voice verb nya berubah jadi to be + verb 3
To be tergantung tense.
Simple present: is/am/are
Simple past: was/were
Present continuous: is/am/are being
Past continuous: was/were being
Perfect tense: have/has/had been
Future tense: will/shal be