moonshine and valentine

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Moonshine and Valentine is one of the most beautiful drama ive watched 💞
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The trailer for the TV version of 《The Love Knot: Moonshine and Valentine》from GTV in the Philippines! It will be broadcast on May 10th.

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I dont remember this but apparently back in the day, paparazzi caught them many times.

When they broke up, YY posted on Weibo if youre full of treasures, youll always meet hungry wolves
Then SQ posted that shes single and her manager said theyll never be onstage together

congratulations to victoria song as 2 of her dramas which are “find yourself” and “moonshine and valentine_” has officially entered golden eagle award nomination list in the category for outstanding tv series! /iYAVM1cH2F
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6. 结爱 千岁大人的初恋 Moonshine and Valentine #จะกี่พันปีหัวใจก็ยังเป็นเธอ (2018)
7. 流光之城 City of Streamer #วังวนรักหลังม่านเมืองมายา (2022)
8. 隐秘而伟大 Fearless Whispers #มหาอำนาจแห่งความลับ (2020)
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SQ’s manager said that about Huang Jingyu after their issue with Moonshine and Valentine. FYI, Yang Yang and SQ are both unde Jia Shikai. Check your info before posting. This is embarrassing.

181109 The 24th Huading Awards
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【English Sub】结爱·千岁大人的初恋 11丨Moonshine and Valentine 11(主演:宋茜 Victoria Song,黄景瑜 Johnny)【未删减版】 /5Rp4knDbRU

Xu Kaicheng is fluent in English. International fans start leaving him messages in English!!! This was during the time when he was promoting “Moonshine and Valentine”. He introduces the series in English. He apparently likes to do English voice-overs for Legos. #XuKaicheng /IfhYnwyjgP

A Life Time Love (2017) : 上古情歌
The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian (2018) : 茧镇奇缘
Moonshine and Valentine (2018) : 结爱·千岁大人的初恋
Love Under the Moon (2019) : 山月不知心底事
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