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Working with Array Flash ActionScript 3 Tutorials

An array is an object whose properties are identified by a number representing their position in the array. This number is referred to as the index.

All arrays are zero-based, which means that:

- the first element in the array is [0],

- the second element is [1],

- and so on....

In the following example, monthArray contains the months of the year.

monthArray[0] = "January"
monthArray[1] = "February"
monthArray[2] = "March"
monthArray[3] = "April"
monthArray[4] = "May"
monthArray[5] = "June"
monthArray[6] = "july"
monthArray[7] = "August"
monthArray[8] = "September"
monthArray[9] = "October"
monthArray[10] = "November"
monthArray[11] = "December"



This Flash ActionScript tutorial provide an introduction to Array.