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Flash Advertisement Float (Slide) Over HTML Page

An Flash advertisement is floating or sliding from the left side of this webpage. This is also a Flash and HTML interactivity example.

Floating flash ads display here. You need to upgrade your Flash Player to see the sliding flash ads.

You should always come across some websites that advertisement slide out or float to some position of webpage. Sometimes the floating advertisements are quite annoying. However this is a good way and effective way to promote business on the Internet nowadays. This can attract the attention of visitors. If you are interested in the advertisement, you just click on the advertisement and go to the website. If you do not want to see it, you can click the Close button to close it.

Ads will sliding at this height

Basic Concepts of Float Flash Advertisement:

You can easily set up sliding advertisements in webpages. This only involves some techniques: Flash animation with ActionScript 3, Flash interaction with HTML JavaScript, and HTML layering.

Flash Side:
Prepare your Flash Movie as usual. Determine the size of your Flash Movie. The size of Flash Movie depends on how far the advertisement box will be slided along. The advertisement box simply slide from outside the Flash stage to the final destination. You can easily use ActionScript 3 ENTER_FRAME to do that if you read our animation tutorials.

Flash Communicate with HTML:
The Flash Movie provide a Close Button that allow visitors to close the Flash Movie. You can do that by setting the style of HTML style.display to none. This setting is enclosed within a JavaScript function. The JavaScript function can easily be called from the Flash side with ExternalInterface.call method. If you read our tutorials of Flash Interact With HTML, you will find that very easy to do that.

HTML Side:
Make a layer anywhere you like over the HTML page. This allow the Flash Movie (advertisement) to play here.

A simple JavaScript that will set style.display to none so that the Flash cannot be displayed on the webpage.

Flash ActionScript and HTML Codes:

// None

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File Awaiting to be released.


This Flash ActionScript tutorial shows how to design a floating flash advertisement sliding over web page with Flash ActionScript.