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Flash Text Animation Tutorial : Text Rotate Effects

In previous Flash Text Animation Effects tutorial, the flash filter effects apply to the whole text. For more interesting and complicated flash text effects, you may wish to apply effects or animation to individual letters.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Flash Text Effects Tutorial Content:

This flash text animation tutorial only shows how to animate two letters. Actually you can animate all letters one by one. The steps are the same.

The completed Flash Movie of this text effext tutorial is shown as above.

Flash Text Animation Preparation:

Step 1:
Create a new Flash File (ActionScript 3.0). Select the Text Tool (A) and enter any Text on the stage.

Step 2:
Select the text, break the text apart as shown below. Now the text has been broken apart so that flash effects can be applied to each letter easily.

Flash animate text - break apart text

Step 3:
Select the letter F, enter F8 on the keyboard to convert the F letter into a Movie Clip.

Step 4:
Select and double click the letter F Movie Clip. Now we are working on the letter F.

Step 5:
Select the letter F, enter F8 on the keyboard to convert the F letter into a Movie Clip again.

Step 6:
Apply the rotation animation effect to the letter F Movie Clip with the Free Transform Tool as shown in the picture below:

flash animate text - rotate letters

Step 7:
Repeat the above procedures to animate letter W and other letters.

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File flash-animate-text-effect.fla


This Flash text effects tutorial shows how to xreate text animation.