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Create Flash Text Effect with FlashTextFX Component

In this flash text effects tutorial we use FlashtextFX component to create a simple Flash wipe text effect.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Flash Text Effect Tutorial Content

There are many Flash text Effects Components on the Internet. Most of them are easy to use and affordable. By using the Flash Text Effects Component, amazing and stunning flash text effects and flash text animation can be created in a very short time. Choose the right Flash text Effects Components for your needs.

In this tutorial we use FlashtextFX component to create a simple Flash wipe text effect. The Flash glow text effect can be created in just a few minutes. FlashTextFX is a Flash component that creates an unlimited number of high quality text effects in Flash. Includes an easy to use custom interface with real time preview. Option to add multiple effects per textfield. Effects can be saved and loaded for future projects. Customizable scale, position, rotation, opacity, tint, blur and glow. Available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3/CS4) only.

The completed Flash Movie of this tutorial is shown as above.

Flash text Effect with FlashtextFX Component Preparation:

Step 1:
To begin, use Adobe Extension Manager to installed FlashTextFX component.

Step 2:
Create a new Flash File (ActionScript 3.0).

Step 3:
Draw a Dynamic Text Field anywhere you like on the stage.

Step 4:
Set the text field and others settings as shown in the picture below:

Flash Text Effects FlashTextFX Component Setting

Step 5:
Open FlashTextFX component from the Components panel.

Step 6:
Drag and drop the FlashTextFX components as shown below:
- FlashTextFX on top of the textfield.
- TextFXStep anywhere on the stage (same frame as the textfield)

Flash Text Effects FlashTextFX Component  - TextFXStep and FlashtextFX

Step 7:
Done! Test the movie. The default flash wipe text effects will be created.

Step 8:
To do more complicated flash text effect, open the Component Inspector window of textFXStep and experiment with different parameters as shown below:

Flash Text Effects FlashTextFX Component  - TextFXStep  Component Inspector Window

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File component-flash-text-effect-flashtextfx.fla


This Flash tutorial shows how to create text effect with FlashTextFX component.