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Semi Transparent Flash Movie Over HTML

This flash tutorial shows how to layering a semi-transparent Flash Movie over a normal HTML page.With the introduction of HTML layer or div layer, webpages can be more interesting than before.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Semi Transparent Flash Tutorial Content:

This is the normal HTML web page contents. You can make a layer with div tag over this HTML web page content. A semi transparent swf flash movie is then sit on this layer.

Therefore the semi transparent Flash Movie is now situated over the normal HTML web page.

Since the Flash Movie is semi transparent or partially transparent so that you can see the HTML web page contents below the flash movie.

The flash setting and webpage setting is same as the previous tutorial - "How to make transparent flash movie". The difference is the flash movie.

Please read the tutorial "How to make transparent flash movie" again if you do not know how to set the webpage.

Download Semi Transparent Flash Source File:

Flash Source File semi-transparent-movie.fla


This Flash tutorial shows how to make semi transparent flash movie over HTMl web page.