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Flipping MovieClip with Flash ActionScript 3

Many visitors have been asking for the source codes of "How Flip Works" that illustrated in Expand Flash Thumbnail to Full Size Over HTML tutorial. Actually the ActionScript 3 codes of the flipping effect is very simple.

Flash thumbnail tutorial example display here. Your flash player version is too old to see this flash example!

The man (movieclip) will be running to the right and left continously. The movieclip will be flipped horizontally when the movieclip reach a location in the right and left, and then change the moving direction.

Flash Tutorial Content:

How It Works:

The flip effect of the movieclip can easily be achieved by using:

man_mc.scaleX *= -1;

where man_mc is the instance name of the running man.

Therefore the effect can be achieved by flipping the moveieclip at set location at the right side and left side.

Download Running ManFlash Source File:

Flash Source File flash-running-man.fla

This Flash ActionScript 3 tutorial discuss how to flip MovieClip.