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Expand Flash Thumbnail to Full Size Over HTML

Sometimes the size of flash movie is rather big. You do not want to display the full size of the flash movie on the HTML webpage because it will occupy a lot of space.

Flash thumbnail tutorial example display here. Your flash player version is too old to see this flash example!

This flash tutorial shows how to display the Flash Movie as a small image or flash thumbnail. Your visitors can click to expand the flash movie to full size if they are interested to see the Flash Movie.

This feature allow you to save some space. Moreover it also provide a choice for your visitors whether to see or not the Flash Movie. Below is an example.

Flash Tutorial Content:

How It Works:

This effect is very easy to do if you read all our tutorials. It simply layout an layer with div tag with desired position over the normal HTML page. A transparent Flash Movie is located in this layer.

The Flash Movie contain two frames. The first frame is a small image as above. When a user click on the "Click here to see an example" button, the small image will be expanded to the full size with some simple ActionScript 3 codes. The second frame is just animation also wrote by ActionScript 3.