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Flash Walk Animation with Swifty Font

Swifty Font can be used for Flash Walking animation. In this tutorial, we show how easy to use Swifty Font for Flash walking animation.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Flash Walking Animation Tutorial Content

Instead of using Poser for Flash walking animation, you can also use Swifty Font for the walk animation. Swifty Font provide a lot of interesting posing. It is only up to your imagination how to use it.

Swifty Font for Walk Animation Introduction

The following are some of the keys of Swifty Font. We will use keys 0, 1, 2 and 3 for the walking animation in this tutorial. We will do the animation step by step.

Flash Animation with Swifty Font

Flash Walking Animation Details:

1. Insert a new Symbol.

Insert a New Symbol in Flash Walking  Layer

2. We are now working in the new Symbol (WalkingFigure).

Walking Animation Layer

3. Select the Font Tool and set as below diagram.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

4. Enter number "1" in Frame 1.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

5. Insert a new Key Frame in Frame 2. Use number "2" for Frame 2 instead.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

6. Insert a new Key Frame in Frame 3. Use number "3" for Frame 3 instead.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

7. Insert a new Key Frame in Frame 4. Use number "4" for Frame 4 instead.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

8. Edit the frames according to the picture below.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

9. Align the fonts according to the picture below.

Swifty Fonts Flash Animation

10. Done! You should see the man walking animation when test the flash movie.

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File walking-in-city-with-swifty-font.fla


This Flash Animation tutorial shows how to do human walking animation with swifty fonts.