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Flying Fly Flash Animation - Fling with Wings Stop

If you think Flash ActionScript is too difficult to learn. Never mind. But you must learn how to use play() and stop() methods. This two Actionscript methods are very easy to use and can make the flash animation completely difference.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Fly Flying Flash Animation Tutorial Content

In this flash animation tutorial, we learn how to use the stop(); method. We give the Fly an instance name "fly_mc". In order to control MovieClips, we must give them an unique name.

Fly Animation Flash Movie Details

In this flash animation tutorial, we add the following ActionScript code on the last frame:


This will stop the animation of the fly, i.e. the wings. However the motion tween of the Fly is still in effect.

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File fly-flying-3.fla


This Flash Animation tutorial shows how to animate a fly flying with the use of stop() actionscript method on the last frame.