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Flying Fly Animation Flash Tutorials

This series of flash animation tutorials show how to animate a fly flying from the left and land on the right. You can use the stop() method to make the Flash animation a bit different.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Fly Flying Flash Animation Tutorial Content

Flash animation with a bee flying or a fly flying is the most basic animation. The first example is the most common flash animation - a loop animation.

We try to make flash animation tutorials without or with only one or just a few lines very simple ActionScript codes. In fact most Flash animation on the Internet are without using any ActionScript codes.

Flash Movie Details

Do not draw the Fly as a whole body. Instead draw the Body, Left Wing and Right Wing as individual graphic. Convert them to symbols, align them to correct position and group them to-gether. See the diagram below:

Fly symbols

Wings Animation Details:

I always come across some flash movies that do all the animation frame by frame, for example, flip down the wings on frame 1, flip up the wings on frame 2, then flip down the wings again on frame 3, then flip up the wings again on frame 4 ....... until the whole animation finished.

Actually, this is not necessary to animate the wings as describe above. You can simply the Left Wings and Right Wings as shown below:

Wings Animation

Final Fly Animation

We can now simply do the motion tween animation of the whole Fly in the Main Timeline. You don't need to take care of the wings animation. It will animate as expected. The motion tween of the Fly is shown as below:

Fly Flying Final Animation

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File fly-flying-1.fla


This Flash Animation tutorial shows how to animate a fly flying with loop or repeat animation.