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Flash Car Animation - Create and Animate Night Poles

For more interesting car flash animation effect, let's add some night poles at the background.

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Flash Tutorial Content:

The flash car animation looks very good up to now. However the background seems a bit boring. Let's add some night poles to the background. This make the whole flash car animation looks more interesting. We are using the same technique as creating and animating the road to create the night poles. Therefore we do not provide detailed procedures in this tutorial.

The completed car animation of this tutorial is shown as above.

Step 1: Draw the Night Pole and Animate

Draw the Night Pole on the Stage. Convert the Night Pole into a Symbol. Animate the Night Pole with the same technique as animate the road.

Add and Animate Night Pole

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File drive-at-night-3.fla


This Flash animation tutorial shows how to create the car animation with night poles animated at the background. If you want the animation moving more smoothly, increase the Frame Rate to 25 or 30.