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Flash Car Animation - Create and Animate the Car

This step of car flash animation shows how to add the night background. Then add car to the stage and animate.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Flash Tutorial Content:

This car animation flash tutorial shows how to add the night background and the car. This tutorial also shows how to animate the car in step by step.

The completed flash animation of this tutorial is shown as above.

Step 1: Add the Night Background

Add the twinkling stars and the moon at the background. You should know how to add the twinkling stars if you read the Particle System tutorial.

Add Night Background

Step 2: Add the Car Body and Tires

Add the Car Body and Tires to stage. Align the Tires to correct position. Group the Car Body and Tires together.

Add Car Body and Tire

Step 3: Animate the Car Body and Beam Light

Since the road will not be very flat, let's add a bit vibration effect (up and down) to the Car Body.

Import the Car Beam Light to library and drag to correct position. Also add the same vibration effect to the Beam Light.

Animate Car Body and Beam Light

Step 4: Animate the Car Tires

Insert Animate the Car Tire as shown below so that the Tires will be rotating. The car now will look like driving.

Animate Car Tires

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File drive-at-night-2.fla


This Flash animation tutorial shows how to create the car animation.