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Flash ActionScript PHP One Way Communication Tutorials

The basic concept of Flash ActionScript and PHP one way communication is:

- passing the output or data of the PHP files into Flash ActionScript, or

- sending data from Flash ActionScript to PHP files

Pass PHP Output Data to Flash ActionScript

The processs of passing PHP output to Flash ActionScript is quite similar to the loading of external text files. The main difference is that text files are static data while PHP files can be dynamic data.

The output or data of PHP files will be loaded into the MainTimeline or stage of the main Flash Movie when play.

In our Flash ActionScript tutorials, we will show how to load the output or data of PHP files into flash with a lot of examples.

flash load external files

Send Data from Flash ActionScript to PHP File

Pasing data or variables from Flash ActionScript to PHP files are also possible.

send data from ActionScript to PHP


This Flash ActionScript PHP tutorial seris shows how to pass variables between PHP and Flash AS.

PHP and flash actionscript tutorial, PHP Flash Interaction tutorial