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Create Particle System with Flash ActionScript 3

You can use Flash ActionScript 3 code to prepare very interesting Flash Particle System, for example, galaxy stars sky, raining, flying out objects, explosion, etc. It requires more knowledge of ActionScript coding . Therefore this is better to learn other basic flash actionscript tutorials before starting this topic.

Steps to Create Particle System with Flash Actionscript

To create Flash Particle System with ActionScript 3, the following two steps are required:

Step 1: Create All Particles
Create all particles on the stage of Flash Movie. You may create the particles by Flash ActionScript, create the particle by flash and set linkage, or import the particles and set linkage.

Step 2: Animation
Animate the particles as you like with Flash ActionScript codes..

All our Flash ActionScript Particle System tutorilas will provide details instructions steps by steps.


This Flash ActionScript tutorial provide an introduction how to create Particle System with Flash ActionScript.