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Flash NumericStepper Component ActionScript 3 Tutorial

This Flash Component tutorial series show how to use NumericStepper with Flash ActionScript 3.

Please update flash player to view this Flash ActionScript tutorial!

Flash Tutorial Content:

The Flash NumericStepper component allows users to step through an ordered set of numbers. The Flash component consists of a number in a text box displayed beside small up and down arrow buttons. When users press the buttons, the number is raised or lowered incrementally according to the unit specified in the stepSize parameter, until the user releases the buttons or until the maximum or minimum value is reached.

The finished Flash Movie of this tutorial is shown as above. Click on the above Flash Movie and play around.

Flash ActionScript Codes:

//Add EventListener to xAxis NumericStepper
//Listen to the CHANGE of value of xAxis NumericStepper
xAxis_ns.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, xDirection);


function xDirection(evt:Event):void {

football_mc.x = evt.target.value;
output_txt.text = "The value of xAxis Numeric Stepper is: " + evt.target.value;



//Add EventListener to yAxis NumericStepper
//Listen to the CHANGE of value of yAxis NumericStepper
yAxis_ns.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, yDirection);


function yDirection(evt:Event):void {

football_mc.y = evt.target.value;
output_txt.text = "The value of yAxis Numeric Stepper is: " + evt.target.value;


Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File numericstepper.fla


This Flash ActionScript tutorial shows how to use Flash NumericStepper component.