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Crank and Piston Box2D Flash Physics Simulation: Finalize the Piston and World System

We Finalize the Box2D Crank and Piston physics simulation by adding some graphic to make the system more realistic.

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Flash Box2D Physics Simulation Tutorial Content

A Prismatic Joint in Box2D physics simulation allows for relative translation of two bodies along a specified axis. A prismatic joint prevents relative rotation. Therefore, a prismatic joint has a single degree of freedom. In this example, we will use Prismatic Joint to limit the motion of the Piston to move up and down only.

STEP 7: Finalize the Crank and Piston System
To make the Crank and Piston physics simulation system more interesting and more realistic, we add some graphics on the stage.

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This Box2D Flash ActionScript Physics Animation tutorial shows how to create prismatic joint. Step 7: add some graphics to the crank and piston physics simulation system.