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Car Simulation (Animation) with Box2D Physics Engine

In this series of flash car simulation (animation), we will do a running car Physics simulation using Box2D Revolute Joints. The final car animation is shown as below.

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Flash Box2D Physics Simulation Tutorial Content

Before starting the flash car animation with Box2D actionscript engine, this is better to plan how to do the car animation. Here's the steps in creating the car simulation (animation):


1. Draw the layout of all bodies (Car body, Rear Tire, Front Tire and the Ground) on the stage and check the location of each body.

2. Create all bodies.

3. Create Revolute Joint between Car body and the Rear Tire. Also add a power drive to this Revolute Joint so that the car can be driven. Therefore this is a Rear Tire drive car.

4. Create Revolute Joint between Car body and the Front Tire.

5. Test driving the car.

Okay! let's get started with the car simulation with Box2D Physics Engine.


This Box2D Actionscript tutorial shows how to create a running car simulation.