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Box2D Flash ActionScript Tutorial: Create a Realistic Physics Simulation Pulley System

In this Box2D Flash Physics Simulation tutorial, we add some graphics (e.g. Pulleys and Pulley Ropes) on the stage to create a more realistic pulley system.

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Flash Box2D Physics Simulation Tutorial Content

A Pulley Joint is used to create an idealized pulley. The pulley connects two bodies to ground and to each other. As one body goes up, the other goes down. The total length of the pulley rope is conserved according to the initial configuration.

STEP 3: Create a Realistic Pulley System
In the previous example, you can imagine the two boxes are connected by a Pulley Rope with 250 pixels in length. And the Pulleys are located 250 pixels above the two boxes (when both in static). In this example, the Pulleys and the Pulley Rope are also drawn on the stage to provide a more interesting Pulley System.

Flash ActionScript Codes:

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This Box2D Flash Physics Engine show how to create pulley system physics simulation.