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Starry Night Flash ActionScript Particle System

Part 1: Create Stars Randomly on the Stage

To create a starry night Flash Actionscript Particle System, the first thing come to your mind is the stars.

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Flash Tutorial Content:

The first step of creating a starry night Flash Actionscript Particle System is to create all stars on the stage of Flash Movie in random.

Flash ActionScript Codes:

// Declare number of star
var numOfStars:uint = 60;

// Creates 60 stars randomly on the stage.
for (var i:uint = 0; i < numOfStars; i++) {

// Create a new star
// Remember to set linkage in Movie Library
var star:Star = new Star();

// Add the star to the stage

// Assign start location of star
// stage.stageHeight and stage.stageWidth do not work in rubbish IE 6.0
//star.x = Math.random() * stage.stageWidth;
//star.y = Math.random() * stage.stageHeight;
star.y = Math.random() * 384;
star.x = Math.random() * 512;



///// Add the Night Scenery MovieClip //////

// Create a new MovieClip
var nightScenery:MovieClip = new NightScenery();

// Add the new MovieClip to the MainTimeline
// so that we can see it.

// Set the location of the new MovieClip
nightScenery.x = 256;
nightScenery.y = 273;


This Flash ActionScript Starry Night Particle System tutorial shows how to create stars randomly on the stage of flash Movie.