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Adobe Flash Animation Tutorial - Motion Tween

Animation: Helicopter flying over city at night

With Adobe Flash CS4, this is much easier to create Motion tween than previous versions. The following animation is made with Flash CS4.

Adobe Flash CS4 Animation Tips:

Create Motion tween with Flash CS4:

Select the frame, right click the mouse button, and select Create Motion Tween.

Flash CS4 create motion tween

Then a one second flash animation will be create. For example:

  • If the Frame Rate is 24 Frame Per Second (fps), 24 frames will be created.
  • If the Frame Rate is 12 Frame Per Second (fps), 12 frames will be created.
  • etc...

Flash CS4 create motion tween

For flash loop animation, find a reference point so that the last frame will match with the first frame.

Flash CS4 create motion tween

This is the end of Adobe Flash Animation tutorial.