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Manage Text Database Flash ActionScript 3 Tutorial

For small Flash projects that only require a small Database, an external text Database is a good and simple solution. The data are saved and managed in a simple text file. The text file is loaded into the Flash Movie when data manipulation is required.

This series of Flash ActionScript tutorials show step by step how to use Flash Actionscript to handle a basic text database. The Flash Movie allows user to search the information of a staff, like a staff management program. The final Flash Movie is similar to the diagram below.

Procedures to Set up Flash and Text Database

Here's the basic steps to set up the flash movies and text database:

Text Database:

Use a good text editor to add and edit the contents.

Each record write in a single line. Each data in a record are seperate by Delimiters (e.g. comma, "=" or "|"). I personally like to use "|" as the Item delimiter since I never use "|" in the data.

A sample of the text database is shown in the diagram below.

Flash Movie Side:
Here's the basic concept how Flash Movie use the external text database:
1. Load the external text database into Flash Movie,
2. Split the database into an Array,
3. Split the records into an Array for further data manipulation.

The whole story is explained in the following diagram:

Handle Text database with Flash


This Flash ActionScript tutorial shows how to set up Flash Movie and text database.