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Should I Learn Flash ActionScript 3

The traditional frame-by-frame animation can do a lot of interesting flash animation. However if you wish to create even more interesting and complicated flash animation, you should learn ActionScript. A simple example of using ActionScript is our top flash banner. The clouds are moving at random height so that the scenery is different all the time. And this cannot be done with traditional frame-by-frame-animation.

Traditional Animation Vs ActionScript 3

Flash ActionScript is fun and easy to learn. To see how easy to do animation of ActionScript, let's create the same animation with both traditional frame-by-frame animation and ActionScript.

Animation Example

The boat has already converted to symbol and position on the stage. We will do a simple animation with the boat moving to the right.

Compare traditional animation with ActionScript

The following illustate how to do the same animation with traditional frame-by-frame animation and with Flash ActionScript.

Animation With Traditional Animation

Step 1: Select all frames as shown below

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 2: Insert frames as shown below

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 3: Convert the last frame of the layer that the boat reside to keyframe

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 5: Create Motion Tween

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 6: Create another keyframe as shown

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 7: Drag the boat to the right position as shown.

Flash frame-by-frame animation

Step 8: Done! Test the animation

Animation With Flash ActionScript

This is realtively easier and quicker if accomplish similar animation with ActionScript.

Step 1: Enter a name of the boat movieclip in the Properties Window.

Flash animation with ActionScript

Step 2: Enter a few line of codes as shown below. Actually the only codes you need to write is boat_mc.x++;. The other codes can be done with copy and paste.

Flash animation with ActionScript

Step 3: Done! Test the animation

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File traditional-frame-by-frame-animation.fla

Flash Source File actionscript-animation.fla

This is much quicker to do the above animation with Flash ActionScript.


This is much easier to change the speed of the boat with Flash ActionScript too. To change the speed of boat, for example, 5 times faster, simply change boat_mc.x++; to boat_mc.x += 5;

To change the speed with traditional frame-by-frame animation, you have a lot of tedious works to do.

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