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Actionscript Function with Return Value

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Flash Tutorial Content:

Sometimes ActionScript function required to return value back to the codes. Remember that you should always specify the type of value the function is supposed to return. The following diagram illustrate how value is returned from the function to the codes.

ActionScript function with returned value tutorial

Flash ActionScript Codes:

// Create a custom function
// The name of function is moveBall
// The function will not return a value
// The return data type is Number
function moveBall ():Number {
// The codes below will be executed when being called or run
// The ball will be moved 300 pixels to the right
ball_mc.x += 300;

// The value (x location of the ball_mc) is returned back to the code
// The data type of this returned value is Number
return ball_mc.x;


// Run or call the function with the function name (moveBall)
// The function returned the value (x location of the ball_mc)
// back to the code
// Therefore moveball () will have the value (x location of the ball_mc)
output_txt.text = "The ball had been moved to x-location: " + moveBall();

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File functions-with-return-value.fla


More values can be returned with the above ActionScript Function example.