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Actionscript Most Basic Syntax of Function

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Flash Tutorial Content:

The most basic syntax of function is shown in the following diagram. No value is sent to the function to process. The function simply process something, for example, print out something on the screen, and no values are stored in variables and return back to the script.

basic syntax of actionscript function syntax

Flash ActionScript Codes:

// Create a custom function
// The name of function is displayMyAge
// No value is sent to the function to process
// The function will not return a value, therefore use void for the Return Data Type
function displayMyAge ():void {
// The codes below will be executed when being called or run
output_txt.text = "My age is 25";


// Run or call the function with the function name (displayMyAge)

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File functions-most-basic-syntax.fla


The ActionScript function above simply print out something on the Flash Movie when being called. This should be the most basic syntax of ActionScript functions.