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Flash Thick and Heavy Smoke Effects ActionScript Tutorial

Create flash thick smoke effect with flash actionscript Pulse Particle System component. Thick and heavy smoke is rising up from the chimney.

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Flash Tutorial Content:

With Flash Pulse Particle System, this is quite easy to create flash thick and heavy smoke effect. In this flash example, a heavy smoking effect is coming out from the chimney. The heavy flash smoke effect is obtained by increase the fade and lifespan of the smoke particles. But... please protect the environment.

Flash Pulse Particle System Explorer Codes:

Here's the Flash fly out effect code generated from Particle Explorer of Flash Pulse Particle System. Copy the following code to the Config field of Parameter tab Window of your Flash document.


{pps:6, movement:true, speed:[25.0, 0.0], angle:[260.0, 280.0], minScale:0.8, maxScale:1.5, gravity:0.0, fade:20000, rotate:[-3, 3], scale:[2180, 0.25, 1], lifespan:18000}

Parameters Tag of Flash Document:
Particle Parameter

Download Flash Source File:

Flash Source File Just click here to download the source code for this tutorial.


This Flash ActionScript tutorial shows how to create flash smoke effect with pulse particle system.